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Do you need single and bulk SMS services for improved communications that can take your business to the next level? is here to cater your communication needs with unrivaled SMS services. With us, getting your messages across to your target audience anywhere around the world has become easier than ever before.

We always work on improving our products and services, including competitive prices. We provide fast and reliable SMS traffic through our distributed SMSCs all around the world, and our support team is available to you for 24/7. Simply you only pay for the traffic you send out. As a bulk SMS customer there is no monthly subscription fee and no hidden fees to pay.
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1s2u SMS Reseller

Delivery Report

Get full, accurate, and detailed reporting (DLR) for all messages sent status through our Bulk SMS Panel.



Free Bulk SMS APIs for easy integration with any web, system, software..etc.


Global Coverage

Check our bulk sms coverage list, we cover more than 200 countries and more than 800 mobile network.

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Bulk SMS Platform Online provides a very convenient SMS messaging platform online. Through platform, you will enjoy the benefits of sending single and group bulk SMS messaging, having a delivery DLR report to see if the SMS messages reached or not, getting your own private virtual number and recieving back messages from customers, obtaining your SMS sending statistics, setting default templates and favorite contacts, and enjoying the celebrity of sending SMS messages anywhere and everywhere. Try our Bulk SMS messaging platform and get your free 10 Send Bulk SMS messages.

1s2u SMS Reseller
1s2u SMS Reseller

Check Customers' Networking Status through HLR Lookup Platform

Home Location Register (HLR) lookup is a query made to the networking coverage of customers to allow the check on the mobile number networking status. Through HLR lookup platform, customers will enjoy the easiest and simplest HLR lookup in industry. is distinguished from other platform with its simplicity and richness of tools.

Do Bulk Virtual Number SMS Verification provides SMS Verification Services that have various application, such as: Capture a new private number, and Get SMS verification for any applications (Google, Whatsapp, WeChat, LINE, etc.), or verify your application. Through our SMS Code In website, recieving SMS code for verfication is easy in hand.

1s2u SMS Reseller
1s2u SMS Reseller

Knowledge is Power with

Get to know all your knowledge needed for Bulk SMS messaging through our Knowledge base. In the new knowledge base You can create an account and have the ability to submit a request, see the latest feeds, together with watching your recent activities and recently viewed articles. Our new knowledge-base makes your navigation easy by allowing you to get everything in one page, and viewing articles in your chosen section right from your current read article. In addition, you can submit a request of anything you want by clicking on the "Submit Request" button at the top-left corner, or at the end of any articles, together with evaluating our contents. The new knowledge-base uses the concepts of Category-Section-Article, which enhances the quality of contents. Articles are enclosed in sections, and sections are enclosed in categories, for example Bulk SMS related articles are enclosed in Bulk SMS section, and Bulk SMS section is enclosed in SMS category, together with Single SMS section, Inbound SMS section, and more.


We offer several features that can improve your communications with your staff, customers, and suppliers.

Here are the reasons to choose us at 1s2u

Are you tired of being restricted to the maximum of 160 characters of a typical SMS? Our Send Bulk SMS text messaging services allows you to write SMS that has as much as 550 English characters and 330 Unicode characters.

We understand that knowing whether the message you sent has been delivered is one of the ways to track your send Bulk SMS campaigns. Therefore, our DLR services feature report allows you to know if each of your send Bulk SMS sent been delivered to the mobile number or not.


With the aid of virtual number, you can do more than just sending Bulk SMS as you have the opportunity to receive incoming SMS messages too. Sometimes, any user may want to give feedback for the message you have sent to them, and this is where our virtual number comes into the picture. You only have to buy a private virtual number from us and you will get a link to read any incoming SMS.

We offer flat rate SMS global coverage irrespective of the countries you are sending bulk SMS to. You can be sure the cost of send Bulk SMS messaging will remain the same.

We offer various integration development tools for Bulk SMS APIs for your system. Our APIs empower you with bulk SMS messaging through HTTP and SMPP protocols, two ways SMS messaging through Inbound SMS API, delivery reports gateways through DLR API, and email messaging through SMTP API. By passing the required parameters to our API, you will enjoy all benefits it gives.

We are welcoming resellers for our Bulk SMS Gateways. With us, becoming a Bulk SMS Provider is very easy. We will guide you and do all setup needed for you to become a Reseller Bulk SMS. Choosing our Bulk SMS Gateway will give you the access to our distributed SMS Centers (SMSCs) all around the world, together with providing a very convenient Bulk SMS Panels, and Bulk SMS APIs. Get your branded Bulk SMS whitelabel, become a Bulk SMS Reseller, and get a lifetime partner now!!

Join our branded Bulk SMS provider, and enjoy the quality, flexibility, and rapid Bulk SMS delivery. Throughout the years, we have established strong bonds with many local and international network providers, and distributed many of our SMSCs all around the world. Making Bulk SMS Messaging available and affordable to everyone makes customers choose us from other providers. We are proud to say that we have the cheapest Bulk SMS Messaging price in the world! Giving a cheap HTTP gateway, and a cheap SMPP gateway, with quality and speed bulk SMS messaging delivery, extra Bulk SMS features and services, and 24/7 friendly in-person support center is what makes customers always happy of our services. As a proof of our say, we provide customers with 10 Free send Bulk SMS Messaging, lifetime free online recieve SMS or free SMS Inbox, 0.3$ worthed SMS Verification Services, 0.004$ worthed HLR Lookup with free access to the panel, and free Bulk SMS APIs.

1s2u bulk sms mobile app

Download 1s2u App

Download our App from Google play store and enjoy the mobility ( Click on this link or search for 1s2u sms at Google Play Store )

1s2u mobile app

App features:
1- Send single, bulk messages.
2- Send English, Unicode messages like (Chinese, Arabic, Greece ...etc).
3- live sent report to get all your sent messages status (Delivered, Undelivered..etc).
4- Create ready template for easy use at anytime.
5- Create and save your own contacts groups.
6- Saved / Draft messages.
7- Auto save messages in draft while composing your bulk message.
8- Instant loading of all phone book contacts on compose SMS page.
9- Reload your account from app itself ( Currently we accept Google payments).
10- User can login with his login details to his SMS dashboard at our website for more features and for advanced options.

We are best Bulk SMS Provider Solutions for your SMS

Get your Free Bulk SMS and Start Messaging through our Bulk SMS App now!!

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