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    Virtual Private Numbers ,direct link to read incoming sms
    SMS Verification Service , Bulk Verification
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    Easy integration with our service API
    Free SMS API for easy integration with any web, system , software..etc.
    we are providing HTTP / SMPP connection

Send Bulk SMS | SMS API | Inbound SMS |Global Coverage

SMS For More Than 200 Countries

High-Quality Bulk SMS Services for All!

Do you need single and bulk SMS services for improved communications that can take your business to the next level?
1s2u.com is here to cater to your communication needs with unrivaled SMS services. With us, getting your message across to your target audience anywhere around the world has become easier than ever before.

We always work on improving our product and service, including competitive prices. We provide fast and reliable SMS traffic and our support team is available to you 24/7. Simple you only pay for the traffic you send out. As a 1s2u.com customer there is no monthly subscription fee and no hidden fees to pay.

1s2u SMS Reseller

Delivery Report

Get full, accurate, and detailed reporting (DLR) for all messages sent status.



Free SMS API for easy integration with any web, system , software..etc.


Global Coverage

Check our bulk sms coverage list, we cover more than 177 countries and more than 800 mobile network.

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Our services include

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Send Bulk SMS

Send Bulk SMS

Our Bulk SMS Platform Support all of the following interface for developers and non Developers Community, Web interface Http / SMPP connection.

Receive SMS Online

SMS Inbox

With our sms inbox you can receive incoming sms from any user as a feedback , also you can buy your private virtual number,a unique link to read your incoming sms..

HLR Lookup

Validate Any Number

HLR Lookups is a global technology to check status of any cell phone number,Through making query to the Home Location Register,check whether number is valid or not.

SMS Verification

Verify Any user

SMS verification now very simple.we are sure about our high quality service,Pay for successful authentication. Available as web interface and API ....


We offer several features that can improve your communications with your staff, customers, and suppliers.

Here are the reasons to choose us at 1s2u

Are you tired of being restricted to the maximum of 160 characters of a typical SMS? Our SMS services allow you to write an SMS that has as much as 550 English characters and 330 Unicode characters.
We understand that knowing whether the message you sent has been delivered is one of the ways to track your SMS campaigns. Therefore, our services feature report that allows you to know if each SMS sent has been delivered to mobile handset. .
With the aid of virtual number, you can do more than just sending SMS as you have the opportunity to receive incoming SMS. Sometimes, any user may want to give feedback for the message you have sent to them, and this is where our virtual number comes into the picture. You only have to buy a private virtual number from us and you will get a link to read any incoming SMS.
We offer flat rate SMS global coverage. Resultantly, irrespective of the countries you are sending bulk SMS to, you can rest assured that the cost will be the same.
Our most popular connection, HTTP is one of the simpler ways to connect to the 1s2u API. It is used as an HTTP/Internet get, by passing the required paramters , for high volume sending you can use our SMPP connection .

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Download our App ,from play store and enjoy the mobility ( Click on this link or search for 1s2u sms at Google Play Store )

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We provide best solution for your sms

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