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Bulk SMS Services

SMS Voting allows you to run and manage unlimited number of Voting services at the same time.
By using advanced filtering options (e.g. message prefix, short code, incoming account, sender, recipient...), incoming messages will be forwarded to appropriate Voting services. Within Voting service, received messages are classified according to the list of predefined voting answers. Each voting answer may include multiple keywords which will be used as synonyms.
Automatic replies, which may contain various parameters, can be sent as responses to received messages. For example: "Your vote for %AnsName% has scored %AnsVotes% votes." will return the information about the current score of the answer. Voting service has comprehensive support for setting the limits for the number of accepted answers per contact (e.g. each contact must send at least three different answers).
Voting service works in real-time - changes to its settings (e.g. modifying the list of voting answers or changing the limits options) are applied immediately and reflected to voting results..

Intended for creating interactive events, 1s2u with TV Chat service enables you to display incoming SMS messages on a screen device.
The scrolling of the chat text is perfectly smooth even on an average computer with a low-cost graphics card. For the purpose of broadcasting, the chat can be displayed in full screen mode on any monitor attached to the system (e.g. video beam, TV out, secondary monitor...).
Various options are available for configuring the visual appearance of the chat: the flow of the chat (direction, speed, spacing...), text effects (shadows, outlines...), chat position and background image,The Content Filter may be used to detect and, optionally, modify incoming messages with inappropriate content.
For example, a messages containing an offending word "Word" will be marked by Content Filter, and, optionally, the offending word may be replaced with "W**d" prior to displaying, preserving original capitalization.

SMS Info solution uses Info service in 1s2u, enables you to make custom SMS services in order to provide users with desired information such as news, weather reports, sport events, banking information, etc.
It can also be used to create advanced services like SMS games, lottery, quizzes, parking, etc...,Info service recognizes the request and the parameters from the message text and forwards them for further processing in order to create a reply to the user.
Info service can run SQL query on an external database to create the reply, execute external application, return predefined text, or read the text file to get the reply.

1s2u Virtual Mobile is designed to receive SMS on virtually any mobile network around the world using a standard 11 digit mobile number.
It has an advantage over short codes, in that like a normal mobile number, it can receive SMS messages from most networks in the world.
This is completely different to operator short codes, which can only receive messages from users on that network. However, there are no billing options when using a Virtual Mobile number.
The MO leg is always set to standard rate, and Premium SMS cannot be sent from a Virtual Mobile number.
Therefore this is a purely inbound, non-billed solution.

In order to to make SMS work it is important to make sure that the message is clear and respects the delivery medium.
A clear message of 160 characters means that the sender needs to make sure that all pertinent information is included.

Making sure that the message is clear and concise is very important.
A clear message will increase the impact of the message.
Include contact information, This ensures that the receiver will know who the sender is from and will allow them to contact you if necessary.
Don't send SPAM. Because SMS goes to phones, which people view as a personal resource, junk messages or too many messages will degrade the value of this communication medium.
There are three general goals marketing goals to achive. These are: increase business from existing customers, gain new customers in established and new markets and improve profits.
The message you deliver will be set by these goals. Determining which goal you want to achieve is key to creating a clear message that impacts the receiver. Before constructing the message it is important to determine what action you want the receiver to take. This is also how you will judge the success of your efforts.
To do all this and achieve the marketing goals in an SMS of 160 characters does take planning. Sending test messages to people with whom you are associated but who are not aware about the campaign can help create success..

SMS is a great way to communicate and there is no end to its uses. From businesses to individuals and groups, keeping touch is easy with 1s2u.com, by Celerity Systems.
BulkSMS-Banking: SMS services enable banks to provide better customer service. These include sending transaction notifications, balances summaries or statement notifications or information services such as rates and special offers.
BulkSMS-Bid: SMS services extend the functionality of auctions services to the mobile/wireless devices such as mobile bidding and special interest alerts.
BulkSMS-Company: SMS services to help a company stay in touch with their staff and customers by sending meeting confirmations, important notices, incentive messages and product announcements.
BulkSMS-CRM: SMS services which allows enhanced interaction with the customer like promotion campaign, complaint management system, logistics support and supply chain management.
BulkSMS-Credit Card: SMS services to notify when purchases are made, of current balances and special offers.
BulkSMS-Financial: SMS services to send portfolio information, stock quotes, price alerts and news headlines.
BulkSMS-Groups: SMS services to help groups communicate with each other about activities, meeting and special interest information.
BulkSMS-Info: SMS services that send news, sports scores, weather, horoscopes, classifieds and exchange rates.
BulkSMS-Locate: SMS services offering driving directions, yellow pages, street address directory, e-taxi, traffic delays and flight arrival/departure updates.
BulkSMS-Marketing: SMS services to support marketing campaigns and promotional activities via coupons, special offers and incentives.
BulkSMS-Personal Info: SMS services offering reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, gifts, public holidays, bill payments, meetings, tasks & events.
BulkSMS-Reserve: SMS services for the notification of availability of movie tickets, restaurant reservations and hotels availability.
BulkSMS-School: SMS services to send absentee alerts, special announcements, exam notifications, result notifications, event notifications and parent notifications.
BulkSMS-Shopper: SMS services to announce product availability, holiday specials and mobile coupons..

In order to fit the most information into the message there are some standard accepted abbreviations.

They can be very helpful but it also should be noted that since clarity is very important using unclear abbreviation can diminish the impact of the message.

Listed below are some of the common abbreviations:
:-( = Sad
:-) = Happy
:-D = Laughing
2 = To
2B = To be
2Day = Today
2Moro = Tomorrow
4 = For
8 = Ate
ASAP = As soon as possible
B = Be
B4 = Before
CU= = See you
CUL8R = See you later
CW2Cu = Can't wait to see you
D8 = Date
EZ = Easy
F2T = Free to talk
F8 = Fate
FYI = For your information
GR8 = Great
L8 = Late
L8R = Later
LOL = Laugh out loud
LUV = Love
M8 = mate
MUV = Movie
NO1 = No one
PCM = Please call me
PLS = Please
QT = Cutie
R = Are
R8 = Rate
RUOK = Are you OK
SHPN = Shopping
SPK = Speak
SPST = Same place, same time
THNQ = Thank you
THX = Thanks
U = You
W/O = Without
W84M = Wait for me
W8N = Waiting
WAN2 = Want to
WB = Welcome Back
WKND = Weekend
WOT = What
WRK = Work
WRU = Where are you
WTG = Way to go
XLNT = Excellent
Y = Why

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